Frequently Asked Questions

US dollar withdrawal: we will withdraw the required US dollars from the account and transfer it to the bank account registered by the customer.

RMB withdrawal: please refer to the real time exchange rate we announce daily to do the exchange.

HK dollar withdrawal: all exchanges are based on the market exchange rate announced by Hang Seng Bank of Hongkong on every Sunday.

Yes, we have trading platforms for PC, mobile phone and lithographic computer.
There will be spreads and overnight interest charges in the trading account.
The minimum deposit is 1000 US dollar, and we have some special mini account, which only need 100 US dollar deposit.
Yes, the account has an upper limit. In order to avoid that the customer take too high risk, the position top limit for each account is 800 lots (including locked positions). you can apply to our account manager if you want a higher top limit.
To verify the source of the fund, we set the specified code to avoid the flowing of undue funds. Meanwhile, please contact with our customer service department if you need handle the deposit issue.
The account name or password may fill in the error, please note the password case and the letter distinction.

If you still can’t log in, please feel free to contact our customer service staff at any time.
You can click the """"forgot password"""" on the platform login page, and then you need to reset the password.
You can click the """"Deposit / Withdrawal"""" on the platform login page, and then you can see the deposit method.
No, in order to protect the security of our clients' funds, this is not available.
The most commonly used risk management tool in trading are stop-profit and stop-loss limit order, which can avoid the potential losses in market volatility. You can receive the profit effectively with an estimated highest price, so you won’t lose the earned profit because of the price call-back.