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Trading Session

Instant Quotation Transaction
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Filling In Market Orders

The legendary execution of TriGold

TriGold has implemented no duplicate quotes and no refusal order policy of all the time. And the execution speed is 100%, more than 99% orders are processed within 1 second.

Place orders

Our trading platform supports market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders and track stop-loss orders, and you can place orders freely at any time during the transaction session. At TriGold, your position will remain open until the closing transaction ends; in addition, your account balance will be updated in real time according to the current market price. The fractional point quotes allow you to trade at a lower spread and enjoy the most accurate quotes as much as possible. Please well note that each customer can have up to 200 open orders (including pending orders) at the same time.

Filling in market orders

At TriGold, you only need to easily click to execute 5 million transactions, because we can guarantee the turnover of up to 30 board lots(that is 5 million) for the market orders. If you want to exchange more than 5 million, you can divide the order into several small trading orders to complete the transaction.

Filling in stop-loss and limit orders

TriGold understands the importance of stop-loss and limit orders in risk control, that is why we can guarantee that these two kinds of orders can be traded at the best market price in the case that every single order is transacted up to 30 board lots

The execution on holidays and weekends

If there is a market gap between the closing price on Friday with the opening price on Saturday, TriGold will execute all suspended limit orders or stop-loss orders at the first-hand market price according to the sizes of corresponding positions.

Unstable and illiquid market transactions

Unstable and illiquid market transactions TriGold has a long-term partnership with different funding providers, and adopts the alertness and information of each provider, even if the market is unstable, we will still provide the best service for you through executing the orders with the most effective market prices.

Transaction Mode

Limited Order

The expiration date of the limit order can be divided into two types:

  • valid until the day of settlement of the Company; or
  • Valid until the closing date of the last trading day of the week (Does not apply to automatic trigger orders);

When customers setting the price list, the orders can be divided into two categories basically: stop-loss order and limit order, the advantages are that if the designated price is reached within the time specified by the customer(the price involved does not include the wrong price, but refers to the price that can be concluded according to market conditions), the customer's price list will be completed; and if the customer's designated price is exceeded in case of breach of the opening of the market, the price list originally set by the guest will be completed, and the guest shall not have objections.
When customer setting the price list every time, the upper and lower limits are 30 and 0.01 board lots respectively; and the distance between the price of each price list and the market price at that time must be:
General situation: at least 30 price or more
30 minutes before the holiday closing until closing: at least 50 price or more
The Company has the right to change the distance between the set price and the market price in real time due to the rapid changes in market conditions


  • The company reserves the right to change the trading limit at any time and it will take effect in real time after publication.
  • After a customer setting the price list (whether a new order or a closed one), when the designated price is reached, but the customer's account amount is insufficient, the price list will not be concluded and shall be cancelled in real time.

When a customer sets the closing price list, it is necessary to specify any open contract in his account, when the designated price is reached, the price list can only be closed to this open contract. If the designated open contract had been closed by other contracts, the closing price list will be automatically canceled. Due to market fluctuations, the price in the closing price list set by the customer may fail to make a closing bid, resulting in failure to stop the loss, under this circumstance, the customer is responsible for the relevant loss and pays attention to the risk. The maximum board lots for each price of the pricing list set by the guest shall not exceed the upper limit of the number of the transaction at each price of the account.

Automatic Closing Mechanism

The system will automatically execute a cut-loss order when the equity/margin ratio falls below 30% during trading hours.

Where the market price liquidation is triggered due to the deposit shortage of the account, the online trading system will automatically close all open positions in the account at the prevailing market price.

The Company reserves the right to liquidate all open contracts in the account. After the contracts are automatically closed, the customer is still responsible for the loss in the account.