About TriGold

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About TriGold

TriGold was founded in 2015 by a group of foreign exchange market professionals
We have developed an individual service for our clients, giving you access to financial markets through industry-leading technology using a wide range of products.

To provide the most customer centric proposition in the industry.

We are committed to our clients’ success, by delivering competitive pricing, via the fairest and most transparent order process in the retail forex trading market.

TriGold 's main objective is to empower its clients with all the tools they require, to develop their skills, whilst enjoying an unrivalled trading experience, during every step of their journey.

Trustworthy, Transparent and Fair

Trustworthy, Transparent and FairTriGold’s STP model provides professionals, active traders, hedge fund managers and corporate clients with access to real time streaming and competitive prices directly from leading multibank liquidity providers.

The STP model gives TriGold clients the freedom to trade on a more level playing field.

TriGold has worked hard in making the world of Forex more transparent with a greater degree of control for traders.

The outlined business model is based on utilizing Straight Through Processing (STP), where all TriGold client orders are sent to competitive and qualified Financial Institutions, eliminating the potential for any price mark-up, or any conflict of interests between its clients.

No Dealing Desk execution model comes with no dealer intervention and no re-quotes. Client trades are made on prices provided to TriGold by its liquidity providers. The Price Aggregator automatically scans these so traders are assured of only ever getting the best available Bid/Ask price combinations, ensuring that all orders are executed in a truly competitive and transparent method.